I hope you're enjoying yourself.

Michiel may be alive.

"Don't go out now." "Why not?"

The check, please.

Beth knows why Philippe is in Boston.


Her remark got on my nerves.

I learned how to swim when I was a kid.

He rolled over in his sleep.

Can I ask what you're doing in Boston?

Think about tomorrow.

I'm sorry to bother you again.

I sprained my ankle.

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Do you know why John isn't here today?

You've got the freshest sound I've heard in years. Now go write 12 songs about fucking by Friday.

He solicited our votes.

There was a feeling of constraint in the room; no one dared to tell the king how foolish his decision was.

Jerald said he was coming here after work.

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I'm in a trance-like state.


I read the article.

Do you know where she bought herself a cat?

Alberto accompanied Moe to the event.


I pawned my guitar in order to pay the rent.

I have a swollen ankle.

He would always project his own suppositions as undeniable facts.


I can't tell you why she was absent from school.


King leaned against a tree and started to talk to it about his marriage.

Please excuse us a moment.

When he stopped running, he was satisfied.

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With whom did you speak?

Fortune beamed on him.

The address on this parcel is wrong.

I grew up in the woods.

She comes from France.


Arlene has never cheated on his wife.

I took a risk when I made the investment.

I'm sure you know what I mean.

I guess you talked to them.

Jean looks slightly disgusted.


He's a sloppy kisser.

He has two brothers, one lives in Osaka and the other in Kobe.

Can you come with me now?


There is snow on the mountain.

I should've done something.

I need to find the keys to my house.

Had he known the truth, he would have told me.

Anything you say can and will be used against you.

They aren't my real parents.

We do not just use language to say things, but to do things.

Suwandi is a good-looking guy, but he's not too friendly.

We were born out of revolution against an empire.

Good food brings good health.

The police are checking their bags.

It just got too expensive.

The explorers were unable to cleave a path through the jungle.

I am not afraid of you at all.

I was trying to find her.

Mysore's doing very well.

I have a bat and ball.


I had the confirmation.


The teacher reads the book.

He is a doctor and also a novelist.

You can't ask me to do that.

I don't see why Josh can't come with us.

Eternity exists. It exists here...


Let's go see if Corey can help us.

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I'm mad at both of you.

Don't wait for me.

Did you know there was another Brandy Jackson at this school?

I took note of what he was saying.

Those ladies and gentlemen who live in the suburbs of Yokohama, if it is convenient to you, please come.

Your nose is bleeding.

Skive and slug.

Will he call me this morning?

The crowd cheered when he appeared.


Spacewalkers must wear pressurized spacesuits in order to work in space. These suits have pressures significantly lower than the ambient cabin pressure of a spacecraft.


She attends cultural meetings.

You stood me up.

Ramon is a lot like Jos.

I let her down.

Casper looks like himself again.

What do you think I need to do?

He began to make excuses.

There was a bug in my Address Book and many addresses including yours were deleted.

His advice inclined me to change my mind.

Sunil can sleep here if he wants to.

The place is certainly worth seeing.

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Don't you want to know what Pat really thinks of you?


I have visited Sapporo several times on business.


She assigned him to the job.

Focus on the task at hand.

Cathrin threw his hands up into the air and said that he gave up.


What are people saying?

You don't want to know it!

What's her occupation?

I'm going to stop Swamy.

Gilles promised to be here before 2:30.

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You jumped high enough to touch this branch.

Tickets are $13 and include a picnic lunch after the game.

His success was nothing short of a miracle.

I got a long letter from my folks.

You should read between the lines.

I got straight A's.

He kept finding many pretexts.

When was Queen Victoria born?

There will be other deals.

She worked to excess.

Many people went to Elias's funeral.

Which one do you like best?

I'd like to see your sister.

Her fever subsided.

I love those big, green figs.

Thanks for waiting for me.

Don't go near the bulldog. You wouldn't want him to bite you.

Studying languages is my biggest fascination and hobby.

I can't find my luggage.

Do you want to see your room?

Take three at a time.


Michael came to return a book he'd borrowed.

Have you decided yet?

O positive is the most common blood type.

This man's behaviour is mysterious and suspect.

We found a turtle in the garden.

I decided to stay a couple extra days in Boston.

She always carries the Holy Bible about.

We won't stop now.

They were symptoms of the earthquake.


Let's see if we can solve that mystery.

I want to know who used to live here.

I don't want to go to Boston with you.

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We need to work together on this problem.


It's been ten years since I came to live in Shizuoka.

It's a snowstorm.

You are an expert lawyer.

I had never before seen this species of fish.

I'd suggest we don't go down that road.

Ocean waters are becoming warmer and more acidic, broadly affecting ocean circulation, chemistry, ecosystems, and marine life. More acidic waters inhibit the formation of shells, skeletons, and coral reefs.

Young people are organizing in meetings.

The story gave me goosebumps.

You don't sound very optimistic.

A German hospital confirmed he had been a patient recently.

It's still 50 kilometres to Paris.

I can't be bothered right now.

The food here is too expensive.

I haven't noticed any problems.

Let forgiveness come and wash away everything I have done.

We care.

I don't like having stiff neck!

Success treads upon the heels of effort and perseverance.

I'm very glad I got to know you.


I'm sure Moore will be here by 2:30.

Nguyen's apartment is within walking distance of the train station.

I'm faxing over the information right now.


We'll probably go to Boston next week.

Anna has chestnut brown hair, but Magdalena has blonde hair.

He is excellent in finding faults.

If you don't listen, I'm disinheriting you!

"Have you done your homework?" "I don't have any homework."

He sounded intrigued.

Have you spoken to him?

Vernon needs to get up early tomorrow morning.

That's a long ways away.

I know everything that you've done.

He climbed to the very top of the mountain.

You should be more careful with your money.

Can you share food with others in the face of famine?

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Jeany is out now.


I wish I had an answer for you.

The alchemists in their search for gold discovered many other things of greater value.

I'd like to improve my French.